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Start Up Accelerators and Incubators

Incubator Programmes Overview Page:

Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland, a government agency, provides a suite of accelerator and business development programmes to support start-ups, particularly businesses in technology related sectors. For example, Competitive Start provides businesses €50,000 for 10% equity in the start-up. Eligible firms must be less than six years old and capable of employing at least 10 people. Businesses that have received €100,000 or more in government funding are ineligible. Funding recipients must also be capable of achieving revenues of €1 million in 3 to 4 years. Funding is also available through vouchers and Innovation Partnerships.

In addition to financial support, the agency offers advice to companies and assists them in promoting goods and services in foreign markets with the goal of expanding networks and consumer base. Enterprise Ireland also offers specialised support to start-ups in niche sectors where there is a high potential for success, including software, information and communications technology, bio-life sciences and pharmaceuticals, and bio-medical devices and materials. The agency’s Applied Research Enhancement Programme provides specialised expertise, research and development support, and access to technology and equipment. These services can be accessed through Applied Research Enhancement (ARE) Centres throughout Ireland.




We are convinced that growth opportunities come from ideas. And that talent does not always find the channel, funding and support to go ahead and often resorts to expatriation as the only way of development.
This conviction is born Wayra. An unprecedented initiative, aims to achieve a significant impact on the economy of the countries in which it operates. Hence, our presence in major centers in Europe and Latin America.

But the implementation is not enough. We know that to enable the interaction between them is key to boosting productivity. So these centers are connected to form a network, which multiply the sum of these talents and become a factor of progress. And that requires, at a time, a certain management style. Management based on an attitude: The certainty that the rules are not written. From the pitch to decide what they play. want to put all of our technological resources for all this potential, the region can compete on equal terms - with the best. And so, with this idea Wayra has become, in a short time in a major accelerator of the ICT sector in the world.

Video services and digital home
Cloud Computing
Financial Services
Big data

Smart Cities
Social Innovation

Network and Systems
Applications Mobile
Social Networks and Internet Applications


If your project is selected to enter Wayra, during the first six months will receive a range of funding 30,000 to $ 70,000 depending on the assessment of the project in terms of their level of maturity and need.
After this first stage, Wayra continue to work with the proposals that are most attractive among those selected, helping them to access private funding (funding rounds) or public (grants, subsidies) through our network of Bussiness Angels, mentors and partners. And also the support to get new funds, both private (funding rounds) and public (grants, subsidies)
Upon completion of its passage by Wayra, projects will be analyzed by Amerigo, a network of innovation investment funds that Telefonica will launch in the near future. Amérigo are open platforms, with several co-investors who share the same goal: Accelerate companies with high added value.


1. Administrative management in day to day business.
2. Legal advice, including, where appropriate, the need to obtain patents and intellectual property protection design.
3. Courses and training activities. direct monitoring by the management team of Wayra


National Digital Research Centre (NDRC) LaunchPad

Primarily funded by the Irish Government, LaunchPad is delivered by the NatioanL Digital Research Centre (NDRC) in Dublin. A successor to the MIT MediaLab Europe, the NDRC provides up to €20,000 in seed funding and additional business development support to small start-up teams through a 12-week intensive programme. As part of the highly competitive programme, €5,000 is provided to up to 3 start-up founders and an additional €5,000 is supplied for project costs. The programme focuses on providing support to move concepts or ideas into market-ready outputs. To date, LaunchPad has worked with over 80 digital ventures.

What’s it all about?

It has never been a better time to be a tech startup. And NDRC LaunchPad is Ireland’s first digital accelerator, supporting the next generation of digital entrepreneurs to accelerate good ideas to sound startups. NDRC has worked with over 80 digital ventures to date.

NDRC works closely with the Irish research base and we are particularly interested in receiving applications from researchers in Ireland and overseas who have strong ideas for a startup venture.

All successful applicants are offered place on NDRC LaunchPad, which comes with workspace, mentoring, and pre-seed investment of up to €20,000. Investment is provided as €5k per startup founder (minimum 2 founders; maximum 3 founders), plus €5k project costs.

Targeted at emerging start-up promoters in the digital space, NDRC’s LaunchPad provides:

• A three month programme alongside other start-ups, innovators, engineers and investors
• Expert mission guidance and hands-on support from experienced entrepreneurs
• Weekly workshops and meetings with the right people in the right networks
• Pre-seed investment of up to €20,000 per project
• Opportunity to pitch at Lift Off Investor Day at the end of programme, with over 100 investors all keen to see strong de-risked investment opportunities.


Dogpatch Labs

Created by Polaris Venture Partners, Dogpatch Labs connects entrepreneurs and assists start-up founders develop their ideas in order to launch and grow their businesses. In addition to Dublin, the programme operates in the Cambridge, Palo Alto and New York City in the United States. Participants have access to office space and are given an invaluable opportunity to interact with other entrepreneurs and businesses.


Dublin City University (DCU)
Ryan Academy’s Propeller Venture Accelerator

The Propeller Venture Accelerator was established in 2010 with funding of €1 million from Irelandia Investments. The aim is to accelerate early stage technology start-up companies, both Irish and international, in Dublin. The Propeller Accelerator has taken the successful US TechStars accelerator model and adapted it to the Irish/European context.

The Propeller Venture Accelerator has an emphasis on software, Web 2.0, applications, informatics and clean-tech start-ups.

The accelerator programme offers the following benefits to start-ups:

• €30,000 Euro investment (approx $37,000 USD)
• Mentorship (over 80 mentors that can guide, advise and open doors)
• Investor Day (2012 saw investors from Ireland, England and Italy)
• Free Office Space (3 months during & 1 month after)
• Service Package (marketing, sales, legal, I.P. and accounting with corporate partners)
• In total a deal worth €45,000 Euro (Investment and Services)

All this in return for 7.5% equity stake, valuing your company at €600,000 Euro ($740,000 USD)

In a study conducted in conjunction with DFJ Mercury and commissioned by the Kauffman Fellows, Propeller Venture Accelerator was awarded “7th Best Accelerator in Europe”.

The first Propeller Programme which started in February 2011 had an initial six companies - who were:

• Associate Mobile
• Fantom
• GreenEgg Technologies
• Healthcomms
• Simple Lifeforms
• Vendorshop

Approximately 70 early stage companies either applied to or made an expression of interest in the accelerator, including applicants from Brazil, US, UK and Europe. These companies are in areas such as social media, cloud-based software, online gaming, cleantech, Facebook applications and mobile applications.

From the first programme 5 of the 6 companies have raised money, combined this figure stands at over 2 million USD (1.656 million Euro)

Propeller 2.0 received 137 applicants (almost doubling the amount from 2011) and included applications from Australia, China, Canada, India, Brazil, Israel, South Africa, Rwanda, USA, Iran, and several European countries. The 6 companies chosen are:

• Picturk
• Seoige Technology
• Slattery Validation Systems (Zeto)
• StyleCloud
• SwiftQueue
• VideoElephant

Propeller start-ups will have access to and advice from over 80 mentors, which is a key part of the programme. The mentors are senior corporate executives as well as seasoned entrepreneurs in the technology area. Another benefit of the programme will be a package of corporate and service support including marketing, accounting, legal and intellectual property advice. Companies such as Sage, Arthur Cox (largest law firm in Ireland), Tomkins IP (intellectual Firm of the Year in 2010), Enterprise Ireland, Irish Small and Medium Enterprises Association (ISME), the HALO Business Angels Network, the Irish Technology Leadership Group and Arizona State University in the US have agreed to partner on the programme.



Startupbootcamp Ireland

Startupbootcamp is a pan-European network of business accelerators managed by TechStars, an international provider of seed funding for start-ups. The programme focuses on getting participants to apply and commercialise specific technologies. Business ventures receive €15,000 in seed funding, as well as mentoring and office space for six-months on Dublin’s Barrow Street. Participants are also given the opportunity to pitch their projects to potential investors.

The Startupbootcampe Ireland programme is a partnership between IBM, Enterprise Ireland, Citi, and the Dublin City Council. A 2011 study commissioned by the Kauffman Fellows Programme in the United States found that the start-up accelerator programme was among the top 8 business accelerators in Europe. Wayra and the Propeller Venture Accelerator were also listed among Europe’s top programmes.

Startupbootcamp (or “SBC”) is a three month business startup acceleration program that runs quarterly during the year for startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses across Europe to get ready for funding, launching and scaling to European and global markets. By locating startup teams to one of Startupbootcamp’s program offices in Copenhagen,Amsterdam, Dublin, Madrid, Haifa and Berlin, the accelerator focuses on exposing and connecting startups to an expanding community of key mentors and advisors that provide expertise from a multitude of verticals, industries and regions vital in growing a business. Take your startup to the next level with seed funding, mentorship & free co-working office space with Startupbootcamp and follow in the footsteps of fellow European startup successes such as Skype, XING, Spotify and SoundCloud.

HealthXL is an accelerator program specifically designed for startups disrupting health with breakthrough technology. The program is run by experienced entrepreneurs and backed by leading global health investors, medical professionals and corporates.

We are looking for smart, revolutionary teams that are working on solutions from the following domains: direct medical solutions, personalization, patient compliance, prevention and participatory health solutions, health economics, integrated solutions and more.

HealthXL can help your company get to the next stage in terms of customers and investors over a 3 month period.

Health XL runs over a three month period from February to May 2013. Applications are now open!.

Why Apply?

• The program is lead by experienced entrepreneurs.
• Global network of digital health mentors.
• Backed by a unique collaboration of market leaders from both med and tech.



Offered by University College Cork, Ignite is an incubator centre for higher learning graduates. It is a joint venture between the University, Cork City Council, Cork County Council, Cork County and City Enterprise Boards, and the Bank of Ireland. It is also supported by several industry agencies and companies. Ignite accelerates business start-ups by helping turn innovate ideas into new products and services. It provides access to additional funding and incubation space at a state-of-the-art facility. Businesses are also mentored by leading entrepreneurs and the Cork Chamber, and have access to the university’s academic, research and commercialisation expertise. The University does not require an equity stake in start-ups participating in the programme. After completing Ignite, businesses have free access to office space for six months at the National Software Centre in Mahon, Cork.


Smart Start

Smart Start provides funding and business development support to new businesses. Applicants participate in two-day investor ‘boot camps’ to prepare pitches. Generally, 250 applications are received and 50 will be invited to participate in pitching events. Five ventures will receive an investment, with two of the best projects going on to attract venture capital investment. Based at the Dundalk Institute of Technology, the programme includes workshops, mentoring opportunities, panel reviews, pitching events to syndicates of investors, and business development supports. Participants in the Smart Start programme are required to provide 6% equity in their project.


Guinness Enterprise Centre

Located close to the historic Guinness Storehouse in Dublin, the Guinness Enterprise Centre has provides incubator support to approximately 265 businesses since opening in 2000. The centre combines business supports with office space to help build and scale international businesses. Shared, private and virtual office spaces are available, as well as shared facilities such as training and conference rooms, business advice and support, and managed IT service. The centre also offers an opportunity for entrepreneurs to network with high-growth companies, investors and other support agencies.


Rubicon Centre

The Rubicon Centre at the Cork Institute of Technology (CIT) is a leading business incubation centre. It is home to 57 knowledge-based start-ups. Jointly financed by CIT and Enterprise Ireland, the centre opened in 2006 and assists ventures in advancing ideas at all stages of development.

Among the Rubicon Centre’s business development programmes is New Frontiers.

The Centre also offers the 10-week PINC Programme to assist female entrepreneurs in advancing their business ideas to the next level of development. The Genesis Enterprise Programme is also based at the Rubicon Centre. The 12-month programme features workshops, clinics, seminars, and mentoring opportunities. The Centre is also home to the Discovery Zone, a 12-week programme for experienced professionals to develop new ideas or ways of thinking, and start new businesses.


New Frontiers
Entrepreneur Development Programme

The New Frontiers Entrepreneur Development Programme is an initiative designed to provide integrated and comprehensive supports to participants. Participants must be able to demonstrate they have the capacity to develop a sustainable business, as well as achieve a turnover of greater than €500,000 and create more than 5 jobs in three to five years. Businesses must be involved in innovation and/or technology and demonstrate there is a market for the proposed product or service.


Food Works

Food works is delivered by Bord Bia, Teasgsc and Enterprise Ireland. The programme provides an opportunity for start-ups and entrepreneurs in the food sector to complete training that will help validate ideas. It also is an opportunity to test potential products and services to see if they are commercially viable before investing in any production or further development. Training is delivered in various stages, with initial courses costing as little as €25. Stage four and five relate to developing ideas further and beginning a venture, with training courses costing €500 each. Enterprise Ireland funding is provided to participates that advance to stage 4 of the programme.



NovaUCD is helping researchers get their ideas to the marketplace with dedicated expertise and supports. The programme is based at University College Dublin, Ireland’s largest university. Eligible businesses must be operating for less than three years in a knowledge intensive sector. Programme participants have access to a state-of-the-art facility at the University’s Belfield campus, as well as office space and specialised incubation units. In addition to mentoring, participants have access to free legal, tax and marketing advice to help them secure funding from potential investors.