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International Branding and Marketing

The IDCC represents Ireland’s analytical and cloud computing community at several international conferences, with the aim of helping our members strengthen their brand globally and start to secure more business.

Our particular focus is on attracting multinationals and SME’s to establish a data centre or host their European data within Irish-based data centres provided by both multinational and indigenous members.

Several multinational organisations partner with us in establishing European operations in Ireland with particular focus on Cloud Computing and Data Analytics Research Development and Innovation Centres.

Rebranding Dublin: Creativity is in its DNA

In addition to helping member brands, the Cluster helps to market Ireland as Europe’s primary cloud computing and data analytics destination.

This attracts more interest in itself, but the Dublin Edge campaign specifically aims to create a new and dynamic image for the city of Dublin in the eyes of the world – encompassing business, culture and tourism.

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The IDCC is pleased to be part of a strong recovery process as businesses are again discovering why the city boomed so hard for so long.

As has been said, creativity is in the DNA of Dublin and leading business innovators are succeeding there once again.