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Helping you build yours and Irelands future

Winning International Business

Through the IDCC, SMEs and multinationals have the capability to win more international business, which helps their own organisation become more profitable, helps the collective Cluster and helps Ireland become even more attractive for future business.

SMEs which are new to data analytics space are educated about the opportunities it can bring to their business; helping them to become more competitive and to enter the global market to win more business.

Collaboration and Competitive Advantage

Industry partnerships and mutually-beneficial collaborations between multinationals and SME’s within the cluster and beyond create new and innovative products and services in the cloud computing space.

We also encourage pan-industry collaboration and research to help drive a competitive advantage for companies based in Ireland.

All this makes Ireland more attractive to international business, which benefits the community and the country as a whole. The cluster also leads new innovative policies such as National Benchmarks to help Ireland lead the way on a European level.