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Foreign Direct Investment & Establishment Support

Dublin is ranked as one of the most competitive cities in the world and globally is one of the leading cities for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), greatly benefiting the country as a whole.

The city is backed by rich experience in FDI and has an abundance of talent and financial structures already in place to handle large investment.

As a contributor to the city’s success, the Irish Data and Cloud Cluster supports multinationals and emerging multinationals expanding or establishing a base in Ireland:

We support multinationals looking to establish or expand operations in the country.
We support multinationals looking to establish a European Data Centre here.
We help organisations wanting to host their European Data in an existing Irish-based Data Centre
We will establish or expand a Cloud or Data Analytics Research, Development or Innovation Centre for you
We can establish or move Intellectual Property trading platforms on your behalf

In providing these services for members, the IDCC represents Ireland as one voice.

Additional Attractions for FDI:

We can offer the following advantages for any foreign investor looking to invest in Ireland:

Access to a variety of specific state aid for establishing their business in Ireland

12.5% Corporation Tax and one of the world’s most comprehensive tax agreements

25% Research Development and Innovation Grant

10% Corporation Tax on Patents

Setting Up Business in Ireland – Speedy and Smooth

The proven investment know-how of the team at IDCC offers the following to its members:

Advice on taxation, labour costs, university education, employment law, investment opportunities, operating costs, infrastructure, support services etc.

Access to state supports and organisational set up support.

Introductions to an extensive professional network

Itinerary tours and service provider introductions

Opportunities to grow and excel on a global stage

We believe in making the set up process as smooth as possible and it can take as little as a number of weeks from first point of contact and feasibility studies to opening your doors for business.