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Industry Knowledge Dissemination & Learning

Members within the Cluster hold a wealth of industry knowledge – that’s why many are industry leaders. The Cluster serves as a forum and a type of “academy” for that knowledge to be shared between members so that the Cluster as a whole benefits and becomes more attractive to outside organisations looking at investment or partnerships.

The key to our drive for knowledge dissemination throughout our industry is the Knowledge Portal and Dashboard. We also provide market research reports to members so that they stay across the key developments within the industry.

Start Ups

The Cluster includes large multinationals, but they were once start-ups. We can help start ups help themselves by tapping into the vast knowledge base that leading organisations have gathered as they have grown - by providing access to the Cluster Knowledge Repository.

The stronger the Cluster the more every organisation within it benefits – so most organisations are happy to share their experience and knowledge to those just starting out with an exciting new idea.